Keep Your Farm Growing with Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance from Malhotra and Associates

Crop insurance is designed to safeguard your farm in the event of unexpected changes. Keep your farm insured and safe with Malhotra and Assoc Insurance.  How does crop insurance work? Crop insurance is designed to cover losses in crops due to a natural disaster or in the event that there are revenue losses due to […]

Do Single People Need Life Insurance?

Life Insurance if I'm Single - Malhotra and Associates Insurance

Are you single? You might be wondering whether or not life insurance is absolutely necessary. Given the nature of the single life, you might be thinking that there is no one that depends on you, therefore you might not need life insurance at all. Today, we’ll discuss when life insurance is necessary when you’re single. […]

What Is Gap Insurance and How Does It Work?

What does gap insurance cover? Malhotra and Assoc Insurance

In today’s article, we’ll discuss the benefits of gap insurance and what it generally covers. We’ll also talk about how it works. If you’re interested in gap insurance, you can call Malhotra and Assoc Insurance at 1-800-945-1410. What is gap insurance? Gap insurance, also known as guaranteed auto protection, is an optional insurance coverage that […]