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Boat insurance acts just like car insurance for your water vehicle. It can be tailored for personal watercraft, sailboats, or motorboats. As an independent insurance agency, our team of boat insurance experts can help you get the right coverage at the right price for your recreational hobbies. Regardless of the amount of coverage you require, we will create a tailored package that suits your individual needs and budget.

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Boat Insurance Coverage

Just as you insure your car, so should you insure your boat. In addition to liability coverage for damage and bodily injury and uninsured or underinsured boat coverage, your boat will want coverage for other areas. You can consider coverage for property damage caused to fishing equipment or other special equipment; towing assistance; fire, flood, vandalism, and theft protection; boat trailer insurance; boat accessories coverage for items such as geolocation or radar tools; and spills and wreckage removal coverage. 


Look for the following elements in your quote for boat insurance:


Physical Damage to Your Boat

Comprehensive and collision coverages can protect your boat against a range of physical damages. This may include damage caused by weather, boating incidents, theft, vandalism, fire, and more. Most claims for damages to a boat will be subject to a policy deductible. 

It’s also important to choose carefully between agreed amount value coverage and actual cash value coverage. The specific type of coverage you choose will determine your premiums and your pay out value should you damage your boat. 


Liability Coverage for Your Boat

If you are found to be at-fault for an accident that causes injury to a third-party or property damage, then a victim could take legal action against you. Liability coverage will help to cover the cost of legal fees along with any settlement payments. 


Another type of liability insurance you might also wish to consider is pollution liability coverage. This will cover your financial responsibilities in the event of a fuel spillage. 


Medical Payments Coverage

This works much the same way as it would with any other type of coverage you buy. Following an accident, regardless of who was at fault, medical payments coverage can help to cover the cost of necessary medical expenses up to the limits of your policy. This is not liability coverage, but it is designed to give immediate cash to cover immediate medical care needs. 


Uninsured or Underinsured Boat Coverage

This also works the same way as it would with an auto policy. It gives you the ability to pursue compensation from your own insurance company for any covered losses if you are injured, or your property is damaged by an underinsured or uninsured boater. 


Wreckage Removal Coverage

This will give you coverage in the event you need to remove a wreckage or its debris from the water. It can help with covering some or all of the costs. 


Emergency and Towing Assistance

This works just like roadside assistance, but on the water. Whether you need a tow back to shore or a fuel delivery, this will give you coverage for that. 


Trailer Damage

If you have a trailer, then this could sustain damages in an accident. If your trailer needs to be replaced or repaired, then you would need to add coverage for this. 

Buying Boat Insurance

There are several things to look for when shopping for boat insurance. Make sure you have comprehensive coverage for liability and damage, along with towing needs and other additional coverage as needed. Our team can put together a package that is suited to your individual needs.

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