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RV insurance gives you the peace of mind and protection you need to prepare for your next trip. As an independent agency that offers a wide range of top-rated personal and commercial insurance products, our team will create a tailored package that suits your individual needs and budget.

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Types of Insured RVs

We can insure many different types of vehicles, including:

  • Class A, B, and C Motorhomes
  • Pop-up Campers
  • Conventional Trailers
  • Cargo or Horse Trailers
  • Utility Trailers
  • Converted RVs
  • Fifth-Wheel Trailers
  • Truck Campers

RV Insurance Coverage

Covering your RV means protecting it in the case of damage or theft and protecting yourself from liability in the event of a collision.

Your RV insurance may or may not cover other drivers. If you rent out the RV or exchange money to allow someone else to drive or live in the RV, they will not be covered under your insurance. Your policy may only allow family members listed on the policy to operate the vehicle.

Full-coverage RV insurance should cover the following:

Comprehensive Coverage

This provides you with financial compensation if a covered event occurs. It could be vandalism, theft, wind, smoke, fire, lightning, windstorms, or more. Essentially it is damage caused by something that is not a collision, but there are different covered events that change from one insurer to the next. If you want comprehensive coverage for your RV, then speak with a member of our team to find out what is included before you consider buying any RV insurance online.

Collision Coverage

As you would expect, this relates to damage that is caused by a collision with an object or another vehicle.

Liability Coverage 

Another essential type of insurance for your RV is liability coverage. This can help cover the costs for any claims made relating to property damage or personal injury to a third-party.

Medical Payments

This is designed to help pay for medical expenses for the driver and/or any passengers in the event of an accident. It is usually always provided on a no-fault basis.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

This is something you will be accustomed to seeing when you buy car insurance. Essentially, it’s the same type of coverage that helps with incidents that involve drivers who are either underinsured or who do not carry any insurance.

Optional Roadside Assistance for RVs

Aside from the obvious support of being able to get help in the event your RV breaks down, it can also help to cover the cost of any arising additional expenses.

There are lots of options to choose from, and we understand that it can be a little daunting when you try and do everything yourself online. If you want to get guidance or you’ve got questions about buying RV insurance, then speak to a member of our team today. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.

RV Insurance Costs

The cost of your RV insurance will depend on your state requirements, the purpose of the coverage, deductibles, liability limits, the level of coverage, the value of the RV, and your driving history. Your state may have minimum coverage requirements, which will impact your rates.

Buying RV Insurance

There are many types of RV insurance policies available. You may need additional options on top of comprehensive coverage. Our team will create you a tailored package of the coverage you need.

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