Car Accidents During Winter

Car Accidents During Winter in Ohio | Malhotra & Assoc. Insurance
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Car Accidents During Winter in Ohio

Car accidents can happen any time of year. Across the nation, statistics show accidents are most likely to happen during the summer and on weekends, since pleasant weather tends to generate an increase in travel. When it comes to winter accidents, however, Ohio has one of the highest rates of incidents in the nation.

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Are you worried about whether or not you’ll receive medical coverage after an accident?

Treacherous weather conditions often accompany winters in the Midwest, including Ohio. Snow squalls, for example, are capable of creating almost immediate white-out conditions, making driving difficult as well as dangerous. Knowing how to navigate such conditions while driving is paramount for residents of this region..

How to Stay Safe When Driving in the Winter

Winter car accidents on snowy or icy roads can result in significant property damage and severe, even deadly, injuries. No matter the season, caution should always be employed when driving, but there are some extra precautions you can take to stay safe when driving in the winter.

Remember the Speed Limit is for Optimal Driving Conditions

While the speed limit should always be adhered to, it is a prudent idea to drive well below the speed limit in inclement weather. When wet, icy, or snowy roads are involved, drive defensively and allow more stopping distance. And definitely slow down – the number one common ingredient in winter accidents is people driving too fast, given the conditions.

The Day of the Week and the Time of Day Might Make a Difference

The most common times for deadly winter car accidents have been found to be around 9 A.M. and 2 P.M. And Saturdays are by far the most common day of the week to get into a deadly accident, with Fridays coming in second. Accidents are also common at night, especially when holiday parties abound. Not only are the odds higher that someone will be driving while intoxicated, but people may be driving over the speed limit in a rush to get to a gathering, or people may fall asleep at the wheel coming home late from a celebration. Exercise extra caution when driving at these times of day/night and on these days of the week.

Basic Preparation Tips

There are many ways you can prepare for winter driving, including:

  • Before the first snowstorm arrives, make sure to winterize your vehicle.
  • Always make sure your cell phone is charged, so you can call for help if you’re in an accident.
  • Keep your windshield, windows, and lights clean and free of snow and ice, and keep a scraper and brush/broom in your vehicle.
  • Make sure your windshield wipers are properly functioning.
  • Gather an emergency kit to store in your trunk. Include items such as blankets, extra clothing, snacks, a flashlight, sanitation supplies, and a first-aid kit.
  • Keep your gas tank full to prevent the fuel line from freezing and to avoid becoming stranded in a storm.
  • Notify friends or family if you know you’ll be traveling in bad weather. Let them know the route you’ll be taking and when you should arrive.
  • Drive with your lights on.

Get a Quote for Auto Insurance

This winter, make sure you have adequate car insurance to cover damage to your vehicle and others, as well as medical bills in the event you are involved in an accident. If you need to get a quote for auto insurance in Ohio or have any questions, contact Malhotra & Assoc. Insurance today.

For more information on car insurance in Ohio, call: 419-756-8910

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