Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Insurance

motorcycle insurance
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Motorcycle insurance is a necessary part of owning a motorcycle. It protects you, your bike, and other drivers on the road from potential accidents. This is why it’s important for all bikers to be covered by motorcycle insurance before taking off on the open road! 

Nonetheless, we understand that there are a few lingering questions about motorcycle insurance that you may want to be answered. That’s where our insurance experts come in. Make sure to schedule a call with Malhotra & Assoc. Insurance today to speak with our team of motorcycle insurance experts!

Now, let’s get into answering some of those questions.

What Factors Influence the Cost? 

Where You Live

Your location can impact how often the weather is nice enough to drive, increasing or decreasing the hours you are out on the road. Your accident risk increases the more you ride, and this higher risk will cause your premiums to be higher.

Type of Motorcycle

The make of your motorcycle will point insurance companies to safety ratings and theft ratings, which give them an idea of your risk. The engine size can also indicate risk. The type of motorcycle also impacts its value and therefore its cost to insure: more expensive bikes are more expensive to replace or repair. 

Insurance Score

Based on your history of past filed insurance claims, you have an insurance score indicating your likelihood of filing an insurance claim. The better your score, the lower your motorcycle insurance premiums will tend to be.

Coverage Type

Beyond motorcycle liability insurance covering bodily injury and property damage, you can select the coverage that fits your needs. These additions will impact your premium rates.


The younger you are, the less experience you are likely to have driving your motorcycle. Motorcycle insurance rates are high for young people and get lower until you reach your 70s.

Driving History

Motorcycle insurance companies will look at your history of accidents, violations and tickets, license suspensions, and more. The cleaner your record, the more likely you are to find less expensive rates for your motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle Usage

How you use your motorcycle, whether for a commute or as a recreational vehicle, will impact your time on the road and therefore your risk of being involved in an accident. Higher risks lead to higher rates.

What Does it Cover?

Liability insurance pays for bodily injury and property damage you cause to other people.

Motorcycle collision insurance pays for damage to your motorcycle if you are in a collision with another vehicle.

Comprehensive coverage covers damages from non-collision events.

Customized motorcycle parts coverage pays for non-standard parts and accessories on your motorcycle including chrome parts, a custom paint job, trailers, sidecars, and more.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage pays for damages if the other driver did not have enough insurance to pay for medical treatment or property damage.

Do I Have to Have Motorcycle Insurance? 

Your state likely requires proof of insurance when you register your motorcycle, and registration is required to legally drive on public roads. In most states (currently 47), you will need to have motorcycle insurance, even if you are just traveling through. 

You will need bodily injury and property damage coverage for your motorcycle to protect your liability. If you drive your motorcycle without insurance in a state where it is required, it is a violation of the law.

The team at Malhotra & Assoc. Insurance can get you squared away with an insurance policy covering everything you need. If you live in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, or Maryland and need motorcycle insurance, contact us today.

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