farm insurance
in Ohio

farm insurance 
in Ohio

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Malhotra & Assoc. is a fully independent insurance agency in Ohio. Our farm insurance team can help you find the best protection to fit your needsThey will make the process of getting you the right protection easy and straightforwardNo matter how small or big your farm or ranch may be or how complex your agricultural operation, our team of farm insurance experts will handle everything you need to give you peace of mind.

We offer honest advice, affordable prices, and a truly personalized service for all your Ohio Farm Insurance needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio Farm Insurance

When it comes to farm insurance in Ohio, we tend to get the same questions often. 

What does a Farm Insurance policy cover?

Farm insurance is designed to be flexible to meet your individual needs across a broad range of perils. You can opt for broader coverage forms, which will include much of the same expanded coverage options you see in homeowner’s insurance, such as, weight of ice, snow, and sleet, bursting of water pipes, falling objects, power surges, and more. Farm insurance can also cover farm property, such as livestock, farm machinery and equipment, and other farm products, such as animal feed, fertilizer, pesticides, and more. If you have employees, you’ll also need to buy protection for them in your farming operation.

Buy Farm Insurance in Ohio with Malhotra & Assoc. Insurance

Making sure you get the best protection for Ohio farm insurance, our team provides you with the impartiality you need and the affordability you deserve. We take the time to understand your business and offer the most suitable insurance options for your individual needs. We’re proud to work with some of the best insurance carriers, and our team has a comprehensive understanding of the Ohio farm insurance market. Call us today!

Types of Ohio Farm Insurance

The main factors that help determine what type of farm insurance is right include: 

  • Livestock
  • Employees
  • Structures
  • Equipment


Whether you have a small dairy, poultry, or horse farm, or perhaps a larger corporation spanning many thousands of acres, Malhotra & Assoc. Insurance Farm insurance experts can provide you with a quote for the best coverage for your home, personal property, buildings, machinery/equipment, livestock, employees, and liability in a single policy from a leading insurer. 

What Types of Ohio Farm Insurance can we help with?

Just like there are many moving parts on a farm, and each operation is unique, Ohio farm insurance works in a similar way. The first thing you should discuss with your farm insurance agent is the different valuation options. You can select actual cash value, replacement cost, and coinsurance. 

Next, you have the different coverage levels to choose from. These include basic, broad, and special coverage levels. 

  • Your basic coverage farm insurance option includes perils such as theft, fire and lightning, smoke, explosion, windstorm and hail, vandalism, and more. 
  • Broad coverage gives you all the basic coverages, plus more options that could cover  certain farm livestock against perils such as electrocution, earthquake, unloading and loading accidents, attack by dogs and wild animal, accidental shooting and floodBroad form can also provide cover for collapse, falling objects and more.

Special coverage provides protection to the eligible property for risks of direct physical loss, unless excluded from the policy.


Farm Insurance Options then include:

  • Farm Personal Property including livestock, machinery, equipment, and farm products
  • Home and Tenant dwellings, household personal property, non-farm structures, and more.
  • Farm Liability Coverage including Employment Practice Liability, Product Liability, Equine Operations, Pollution Liability, Milk Spoilage, and more 
  • Farm Structures


Other additional coverage options to consider for farm insurance in Ohio; some of which may be included at no additional charge: 

  • Foreign Object Damage
  • Borrowed Farm Equipment
  • Cab Glass Breakage
  • Farm Equipment Rental Reimbursement
  • Cargo Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Peak Season Endorsement
  • Damages During Hitching and Towing
  • Business Auto Insurance 
  • Fleet Insurance
  • Income Disruption Coverage
  • Workers Compensation Coverage
  • Dwelling Ordinance and Law
  • Identity

There are also specific endorsements that are specialized depending on the type of farm you operate, such as dairy, orchards, beekeepers, fruit and berry, and more.

*Ohio Farm Bureau members may be eligible for addition savings and coverage.

Contact us today for an Ohio Farm Insurance Quote. Our team is ready and waiting to serve you. 

More Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio Auto Insurance

What is not covered by farm insurance?

If you’re ready to get an insurance quote for your farm in Ohio, it’s important you understand what is and is not included.  Fires and fences are two important things to consider. Fencing is seldom covered by a standard farm insurance policy, but it can usually be insured with a policy extension. It’s also important to verify any exclusions in a farm insurance policy around fires.  Although fire is a covered peril under the basic coverage of a farm policy, the access routes to the farm and its buildings can usually dictate whether coverage will be provided.

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