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Motorcycle, Boat & RV
Insurance in west virginia

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West Virginia Recreation Insurance

At Malhotra & Assoc. Insurance, our team of RV, motorcycle, and boat insurance experts is here to help you find the best coverage. Whether you use it occasionally for recreational purposes or on a full-time basis, we can help you find and buy the right type of coverage for your West Virginia RV.

As an Independent Insurance Agency, we will create a tailored package that suits your individual needs and budget.

We offer affordable prices and a friendly personalized service for any RV insurance needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to recreation insurance in West Virginia, we tend to get the same questions often. Find answers to our most frequently asked questions from our West Virginia RV insurance customers.

What Types of RVs in West Virginia Can Be Insured?

Regardless of whether you drive or tow an RV, the team at Malhotra provide tailored insurance for a range of different types of vehicles, including:

  • Class A Motorhomes
  • Class B Motorhomes
  • Class C Motorhomes
  • Pop-up Campers
  • Conventional Trailers
  • Cargo or Horse Trailers
  • Utility Trailers
  • Fifth-Wheel Trailers
  • Truck Campers

Will Auto Insurance Cover an RV?

In some cases, auto insurance will provide you with liability coverage for RV trailers. However, for damages to the actual RV, you will need to buy specific RV insurance.

Get Insured Today with Malhotra & Assoc. Insurance

Whether you already have a quote for West Virginia RV insurance, or you need to find out the cost of buying an RV insurance policy before you buy a vehicle, the Malhotra & Assoc. Insurance experts are here to help you get the answers you need. Our team will make it quick and easy to find out the cost of insuring your RV, boat, or motorcycle anywhere in West Virginia.

If you’re the proud owner of an RV, then you’ll already appreciate the versatility and freedom you have at your fingertips. At Malhotra, we understand the complexities of West Virginia insurance coverage options, and our team can help you navigate your choices to make sure you get the best policy for your individual needs.

If you need coverage for all eventualities, it’s essential to understand the different elements on offer, along with the necessary add-ons you need for your RV. From coverage for storm damage, collision, or theft, you need to make sure you’ve got all the right bases covered.

As an experienced RV insurance agency for West Virginia, we are your local experts.

With dedicated insurance professionals and decades of experience, we will match you with the perfect policy at a price you can feel happy with.

What is Included in an RV Insurance Policy?

If you buy full coverage insurance for your RV in West Virginia, you will find it typically includes:


Comprehensive RV Coverage

This gives you compensation in the event of any covered damages that may happen to your RV due to theft, vandalism, fire, lightning, wind, hail, smoke, or other incidents that take place, which does not include a collision.


Collision Coverage for RVs

This gives you compensation for any damages that occur due to a collision with either a vehicle or an object.


Liability Coverage

Liability insurance covers property damage and personal injury that is caused while you’re driving your RV. Having liability coverage could help you pay out for property damage or the medical bills for an injured party. It also provides legal expense compensation for a lawsuit.


Medical Payments

This cover could help with driver and passenger medical expenses following an accident, regardless of fault.


Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist

This will cover expenses that are connected to an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured motorist.


Optional Roadside Assistance for RVs

Aside from the obvious support of being able to get help in the event your RV breaks down, it can also help to cover the cost of any arising additional expenses.

If you are looking to buy RV insurance in West Virginia, there will be different options you need to buy depending on your intended use. At Malhotra & Assoc. Insurance, we can help you understand these options clearly and help you establish exactly what you need to buy.

If you prefer, you can submit a few details quickly by clicking “Request a Quote“, and a member of the team will get started on your RV, boat, or motorcycle insurance quote immediately.

What’s Included in a Boat Insurance Policy?

If you need to insure your boat in West Virginia, buying the right level of coverage is key. You can tailor different elements of your policy to suit your individual usage, needs, vessel, and budget. 

Our experienced team can help you navigate your options to make sure you get the best coverage for your boat. Here is a summary of what is included in a typical West Virginia boat insurance policy. 

Liability Insurance for Your Boat

In the same way that auto insurance works, buying liability insurance for a boat will give your coverage to boat owners and other boaters in the event you are found to be at-fault for an accident. It can pay out to replace another person’s property along with their medical care, lost earnings, and some other costs that are incurred only as a direct result of the accident. 

Physical Damage Insurance for Your Boat

This type of insurance will pay out for the cost of replacing or repairing a boat and its permanently attached equipment should it be damaged or stolen. 

Underinsured/Uninsured Coverage for Your Boat

Because there is no mandatory requirement to insure a boat, there are some individuals who might not buy boat insurance in West Virginia. However, if you get hit by one of these people or their boats, then this type of coverage will pay for the costs associated with the accidents, including medical treatment, lost earnings, and more. 

Wreckage Removal and Fuel Spill Liability Coverage

If your boat is a total loss or it sinks, then it could potentially leak fuel or oil into the water. As the owner of the vessel, you are lawfully required to clean this up, which can be costly and time-consuming without this coverage extension. 

Unattached Equipment Coverage

This can pay out to replace or repair equipment that is not permanently affixed to your vessel but which is designed to be primarily used on a boat. This could include items such as water skis, oars, lifesaving equipment, anchors, tarps, and more. 

Medical Payments Coverage

This can cover the costs of care that are needed following a boating accident. It is usually offered at a value between $500-$10,000, and it will cover you and your passengers, irrespective of fault. 

There are other options that could be applicable to you depending on the type of boat you own, how it will be used, and its value. As experienced boat insurance agents in West Virginia, and we can help you get a clear understanding of your options and the cost of coverage. 

If you prefer, you can submit a few details quickly using this quote form, and a member of the team will get started on your boat insurance quote immediately. 

What’s Included in West Virginia Motorcycle Insurance?

Taking care of your insurance is a top priority, and with many different levels of coverage for motorcycles in West Virginia, working with a local expert such as Malhotra can help ensure you buy the best coverage at the right price. 

Here’s a summary of what you can expect to be included in a comprehensive quote for motorcycle insurance. 

Comprehensive Coverage 

As you would expect, typical protections offered when you buy comprehensive motorcycle insurance include events such as water, wind, fire, theft, and vandalism. If you’ve taken out a loan to buy your motorcycle, then you might need to buy comprehensive coverage as part of the terms of your agreement.  

Underinsured and Uninsured Coverage 

If you have an accident with an underinsured motorist, you could be left with a bill to cover yourself. If the other party has no insurance at all, then any medical bills could potentially have to be paid by you in their entirety. 

Bodily Injury Liability 

This type of protection can cover related costs if you injure a person in an at-fault accident. 

Medical Payments Insurance

This will cover items such as medication and dental care, along with co-payments and deductibles from other health insurance policies. 

Collision Coverage 

This will give you protection if you have a collision with an object, another vehicle, or person. 

Accessories Coverage – Custom Bike Options

If you own a custom motorcycle, you might own expensive accessories, such as saddlebags or backrests. This will provide you with coverage for these additional pieces. 

Custom Parts Coverage

This is slightly different from the accessories option for a custom bike, and it covers things such as specialist tanks or pipes.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal Injury Protection is paid out regardless of legal liability and covers specific medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

Breakdown Assistance

This gives you direct assistance in the event of a breakdown that takes place away from your residence and where there is a mechanical failure of note. 

If you want to get a quote for motorcycle insurance in West Virginia, or you simply want to know which is the best type of insurance for your bike, then our friendly team has the answers you need. 

If you prefer, you can submit a few details quickly using this quote form, and a member of the team will get started on your motorcycle insurance quote immediately. 

Read More Frequently Asked Questions
about West Virginia Recreation Insurance

Does RV Insurance cover non-named additional drivers?

In West Virginia, an RV insurance policy might not cover additional drivers. So, if you hire your RV or allow another person to drive it for you who is not named on your policy, this might present an obvious issue. There are certain RV insurance policies in West Virginia that will give you coverage for family members, so it’s always a good idea to double-check who is covered to drive the vehicle.

How is the Cost of RV Insurance in West Virginia Calculated?

There are lots of things that can impact the cost of buying RV insurance. These include:

  • State requirements
  • Purpose of the coverage
  • Deductibles
  • Liability limits
  • Level of coverage
  • Value
  • Driving history

How much RV insurance coverage do you need?

The value of your RV will likely be the biggest deciding factor. Most people buy enough insurance to cover the replacement cost of an RV, along with the minimum liability requirements. However, it’s possible to increase your limits to provide more protection for your RV.

In West Virginia, RV owners must carry enough insurance for the below scenarios:

  • $20,000 in bodily injury per person
  • $40,000 in bodily injury per accident
  • $10,000 in property damage liability
  • $20,000/$40,000 in uninsured motorist bodily injury
  • $10,000 in uninsured motorist property damage

What exactly does RV Usage coverage mean?

This is all to do with the classification of your RV. There are three main classes you need to be concerned with; A, B, and C. The intended use of your vehicle will largely impact the type of classification it is given. It’s really about what you intend to use your RV for and how often you will be using it.

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