What Are Medicare Star Ratings?

5-star Medicare plan
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Malhotra & Assoc. Insurance matches its clients with the highest quality health care plans in their budget. The Medicare star rating system is a helpful guide to compare Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans. For more information about comparing Medicare plans, contact our team today.

Medicare Star Ratings

Medicare awards star ratings to communicate to customers how each Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plan is performing in different categories. The overall star rating is a good indication of customer experience with that plan. Ratings range from a low score of one star to a high score of five stars. When comparing plans, look to the star ratings to find a high-quality plan that meets your health care and budgetary needs.

The Plan Rating System Explained

The Medicare star rating system is used to evaluate Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans.

Medicare Advantage plans are given a star rating in each of the following categories:

  • Staying healthy: screenings, tests, and vaccines
  • Managing chronic (long-term) conditions
  • Plan responsiveness and care
  • Member complaints, problems getting services, and choosing to leave the plan
  • Health plan customer service

Medicare Part D prescription drug plans receive a rating in each of the following categories:

  • Drug plan customer service
  • Member complaints, problems getting services, and choosing to leave the plan
  • Member experience with the drug plan
  • Drug pricing and patient safety

The first-star rating you will see for each plan is likely the overall star rating, which Medicare awards based on a comprehensive view of the plan in each of the areas it is reviewed. Medicare star ratings range from one to five stars, with five-star ratings being the highest award given for a quality plan.

Medicare reviews plans each year and gives plans new star ratings each fall. You should be reviewing your plan at this time of year anyway because your costs and coverage may change for the new year. Take that opportunity to compare plans and make sure you are receiving the best coverage from a company with a good reputation for customer service, care, and experience. If you are reviewing prescription drug plans, choose between plans that cover your current health care needs.

Before selecting a plan, compare the coverage and costs of available plans in your service area. Then you can review the star ratings for each plan you are considering, going further than the overall rating to review each plan’s scores for customer service, member complaints, and more.

5-Star Special Enrollment Period

If you are unhappy with your current plan and there is a five-star rated health care plan in your area that you would like to switch to, you can do so during the 5-star special enrollment period. This time period falls between December 8 and November 30. You can change plans once during this time.

Would you like to be enrolled in a five-star Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D plan? Contact our team today to find out if you are eligible to switch to a plan with an excellent rating.

Disclaimer: This blog post is meant for general informational purposes only and may not reflect your specific policy.

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