The 5 Most Common Homeowners Insurance Claims

Fireman putting out fire
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When the unexpected happens to your home you may need to file a claim with your insurance company to repair damage or replace lost property. Here we’ll countdown the five most common home insurance claims. 

It is important to consider a few things when making a home insurance claim. If you are wondering whether or not you should make a claim read our article on when you should file a homeowners insurance claim

#5 Liability

When someone is injured or their personal property is damaged in your home or on your property, this may result in a liability claim to cover their medical bills or costs to replace their damaged property.

#4 Non-theft Property Damage

Non-theft property damage is a broad category for damage to your home from things like a tree falling on your house or a baseball breaking a window. Depending on the extent of the damage these accidents can be expensive to repair.

#3 Water Damage and Freezing

As temperatures go down in the winter it’s possible that the pipes in your home could freeze or burst. Damage from this type of incident as well as other water related damage to homes can be costly to repair and may require you to file a homeowners insurance claim.

#2 Fire and Lightning Damage

A fire to your home can be devastating and you could lose many of your belongings. That’s why it’s important to have homeowners insurance to cover lost items and damages to your home that you may not be able to afford to replace on your own.

#1 Wind and Hail Damage

Wind from natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and other storms as well as hail can cause extensive damage to a home. Depending on the severity of the storm, the damage can be very costly to repair.

Make sure you have adequate homeowners insurance in case one of these common incidents happens to your home. Get in touch with one of our expert agents at Malhotra & Assoc. Insurance We can help you find the best insurance policy for your home to keep you covered!

Disclaimer: This blog post is meant for general informational purposes only and may not reflect your specific policy.

Aidan Das of Malholtra & Assoc

About the Author: Aidan has been a content expert for Malhotra & Assoc. Insurance for the past two years. Aidan is a recent graduate of Miami University in Oxford, OH. When she is not creating content for the insurance industry, Aidan is a Land Protection Professional with expertise in GIS technologies, easement acquisition and compliance, and conservation practices.

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